We are currently still required by law to state the NEDC figures. • Send us an email• Give us a call at 01242 239900. The same procedure applies to Seat, Skoda, VW and Bentley models with digital service records. As a result we are in the process of updating our downloadable "How To" document. AS GLOUCESTERSHIRE'S LEADING INDEPENDENT AUDI SERVICE CENTRE WE'RE ABLE TO FULLY UPDATE YOUR DIGITAL SERVICE HISTORY. As an Audi connect user, you also have access to all personal services after registering in the myAudi app or the myAudi portal, such as locking and unlocking your vehicle with your smartphone. Registered erWin users can enter information in the system for vehicles that have a digital service schedule. So whether you want to sing the praises of one of our team or simply give us a piece of your mind; we’re here to listen. What's more, all of our work comes with our 1 year, 10,000 mile parts and labour warranty as standard. We are not tied to Audi servicing to maintain a warranty - service to the book, use genuine Audi parts, and have any body or paint repairs done by an Audi approved body shop. Mazda is urging independent repairers to ensure company cars have their service records maintained on its online database, to enable fast track access of digital service records. Audi is continuously expanding its connect services in all models. Once complete, we will notify members via the IGA bulletin and our social media feeds. EU legislation requires all car manufacturers to offer a minimum two-year unlimited mileage new car warranty on all their new cars (from date of registration), regardless of any change of ownership. WE'RE GLOUCESTERSHIRE'S ONLY INDEPENDENT BMW SERVICE CENTRE, ABLE TO FULLY UPDATE YOUR ONLINE DIGITAL SERVICE HISTORY. This means that you always have all the information about your Audi at hand: the myAudi vehicle details allow you to access the model year, chassis number, initial registration, engine equipment, performance, and many other details online, without the inconvenience of having to look anything up in the vehicle registration document. Enter your contact details on the next page and choose to either pay now or pay on vehicle collection at our location. In addition to Audi connect Navigation & Infotainment, Audi connect Emergency Call & Service including vehicle control as well as e-tron services are offered. Access to erWin and the opportunity of using electronic service information on the chosen data carrier shall end upon expiry of the chosen Retrieval Period, without the need for termination. With an interactive keyword search and, of course, in the language of your choice. 5. If you are looking for FSH, either on a purchase or on your own car, then a full set of invoices from reputable independents, that comply with the Audi service schedule, is what you need. On completion of an online service record, the initial site access fee can be claimed back by rebate and registered as credit on your Audi account. Assuming it has been maintained by independent garages, you need to contact the garages that service… Get real-time information about your vehicle at any time and keep an eye on petrol levels, range, service appointments, alerts, and much more. erWin is the electronic repair and workshop information service from AUDI AG. A For Audi provides all the services your Audi requires and ensures a competitive price and personal touch. * The specified fuel consumption and emission data have been determind according to the measurement procedures prescribed by law. Additional equipment and accessories (e.g. Audi Service Price Match. For vehicles that have a Digital Service Schedule, registered companies can make entries via the system. The myAudi app connects your Audi with your everyday life and brings more driving comfort into your life thanks to innovative functions and services. Digital service schedule Here you can find information on the digital service schedule. This means no more service book, plus peace of mind that your service history can’t be lost or falsified. Build your own, search inventory and explore current special offers. may change the relevant vehicle parameters, such as weight, rolling resistance and aerodynamics, and, in conjunction with weather and traffic conditions and individual driving style, may affect fuel consumption, electrical power consumption, CO2 emissions and the performance figures for the vehicle. You can also make settings for your services or send your personal navigation destinations to your Audi. Plan your trips comfortably in the app and send destinations and routes directly to your vehicle. To get the best User-Experience while visiting the website, please use the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. All the expertise of Audi, without any extra cost. In cases where the NEDC figures are specified as value ranges, these do not refer to a particular individual vehicle and do not constitute part of the sales offering. We're reopening on Monday the 4th of January. What’s changed? The AUDI AG quality standards are only available in erWin for the German market. It then gets replicated on the vehicle's onboard display, keeping a record that is quick and easy for you to access. All new Audi models from year 2014 onwards now have Digital Service History records. ... don’t let full service history become fool’s service history. All new Audi models from year 2014 onwards now have Digital Service History records. We are Gloucestershire's leading Audi Independent Service Centre. Never was a checkbook more comfortable. AUDI. In the case of new vehicles which have been type-approved according to the WLTP, the NEDC figures are derived from the WLTP data. Assuming the above comment from Dave is an accurate portrayal of what was said, the BMW salesman has been very naughty here. 6. We will update your Digital Service History after we complete your service. REMEMBER, EVEN IF YOU'VE BOOKED AN AFTERNOON SLOT YOU CAN STILL DROP OFF YOUR VEHICLE WITH US FROM 8AM ONWARDS. Explore the full lineup of SUVs, sedans, e-tron models & more. Normally, digital service records will only be available to official dealerships and registered independent centres and mechanics. Owing to the more realistic test conditions, the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions measured according to the WLTP will, in many cases, be higher than those measured according to the NEDC. myAudi focuses on the user and is compelling thanks to high-performance functions that offer the user real added value. We access your vehicle’s online Digital Service Record via our manufacturer registered Dealer Portals, allowing us to log all servicing works carried out on your vehicle to keep your service history up to date. Under EU Block Exemption legislation, which has been around for many years now, a manufacturer cann… myAudi logbook Your Audi Team. Buyers of used cars missing a service history should try to establish with the vendor how the car was serviced. When that quote includes Audi Genuine Parts, we guarantee you won’t pay a penny more for the same job at an Audi Centre. We love hearing from you and we really care what you think. If you have questions about the service standards in your country, send them to the addresses in the "Importers’ directory" link. We do not shy away from the faults that other garages just simply cannot fix! We aim to provide an accurate and fairly priced service. Digital Service Booklet (DSB): What you need to know! From the dealer with the Audi A3, ... both services carried out by an independent garage in 2018. An Independent Service & Maintenance Specialist that Cares. After you have updated the record, you can edit the entry for up to 3 days. In this instance, tracing the car’s history is easy. Take advantage of 35 years of servicing experience from highly-trained technicians. Next time your car needs a service don’t automatically assume that your trusted independent garage or local “fast-fit” outlet is the cheapest option. 4. Whether digital service verification, personal vehicle details, a vehicle status report or news about Audi: all this and much more is ready for you at the touch of a button – from the comfort of your PC at home or on the road via your smartphone or tablet. Sign up to get the latest on sales, latestt service and maintance product releases and more …. We’re registered with Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, VW, Seat, Skoda and Mini as an Independent Repair Centre and are fully able to update your online Digital Service Record. Starting on September 1st 2018, the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) will be replaced by the WLTP in stages. Via our registered access to the Audi Service History Portal we are able to fully update your online Digital Service Record, keeping your service history up to date. This can be achieved by contacting Audi upon successful completion of service records stating the relevant vehicle chassis numbers. The Mercedes-Benz Digital Service Booklet provides an online record of a vehicle’s service history. This means no more service book, plus peace of mind that your service history can’t be lost of falsified. Our facility is now closed for the holiday period. Digital records. The car of tomorrow can do more than just drive – it is part of the digital world. Before you make up your mind about which garage to visit, be sure to check any reviews of their company online as this can make the decision process much easier. Thanks to Mazda's Digital Service Certificate, you have access to your maintenance history at all times. If you have bought a used car that didn't come with a full service history you might be able to track down some of it, giving you peace of mind and potentially increasing the car's value PSC Autocentre is an independent Service Centre and is in no way affiliated or connected to Volkswagen Group or any of their group of companies. myAudi vehicle details Otherwise we only use additional convenience cookies. Thank you very much for your visit. You may deactivate your ad blocker to view the feedback form. We are Gloucestershire's leading Audi Independent Service Centre. The benefits of using an independent Mercedes-Benz garage for routine servicing and maintenance far outweigh those of using a … edited by Gordon Woods on … Therefore, the usage of CO2 emission values measured according to WLTP for vehicle taxation from 1st September 2018 on can cause changes in this regards as well. Air conditioning and opening and closing vehicle doors can be operated remotely. Whether digital service verification, personal vehicle details, a vehicle status report or news about Audi: all this and much more is ready for you at the touch of a button – from the comfort of your PC at home or on the road via your smartphone or tablet. Depending on the model and features of your Audi, the availability of the services may vary. myAudi is your key to the digitally networked world of Audi. Since July 2006, the service history of newly registered Mazda vehicles has been recorded online following the introduction of a digital service record (DSR) system. The feedback form is currently unavailable.Please try again later. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR VEHICLE MAKE, MODEL AND REGISTRATION NUMBER IN THE ABOVE BOX. If you have trouble accessing a vehicle’s digital service record, please contact the manufacturer directly or post a question on the IGA Technical Forum . Access important vehicle data, manage your data via the portal or app, and set up your services individually. All service and maintenance work is automatically entered here and stored securely in your myAudi account. We can see that independent garages have the upper hand on lower costs and customer service, whilst franchise dealerships can give you greater peace of mind overall. * Terms and conditions Independent repairers can record service events on Mercedes-Benz and smart vehicles to the system to ensure the customer’s service record is complete. For further information on the differences between the WLTP and NEDC, please visit www.audi.de/wltp. Simply choose your own service by booking online and adding the options that are right for you. Call the garage that has serviced the car during your ownership. Our full range of services are available to book online by using the main menu above to find prices for servicing and repairs by selecting your make and model. Once you’ve provided them with a few personal and vehicle details, they’ll be able to email or post records to you. Fuel consumption, combined*: 10.8–6.5 l/100kmCO₂ emissions, combined*: 247–170 g/km. When you bring your vehicle to PSC Autocentre you can expect quality service at a competitive price from our friendly, local and experienced team. Servicing, MOT, diagnostics, repairs: We're Your Wingman. All you need to do is get a quote from any garage for a service, repair, maintenance or new tyres. BOOK ONLINE 24/7  SIMPLY CHOOSE YOUR MODEL, CHOOSE YOUR SERVICE AND BOOK YOUR SLOT! Models, products and services – switch to your country / sales region website and discover the regional diversity of Audi. PLEASE SEE DOWNLOADS SECTION FOR LATEST GUIDE (as of 07/10/2017). A warm welcome to A For Audi, Established in 2006 we are an independent service and repair centre based outside Glasgow. This means no more service book, plus peace of mind that your service history can’t be lost or falsified. Service verification documents the entire service history of your vehicle and replaces the traditional booklet form with stamp fields. We use cookies in order to enable you to use our website in the best possible way and to improve our communication with you. From selecting your oil type to replacing the pollen filter, find your perfect fit with our tailored service packages. How to choose an independent Mercedes-Benz garage. You are using an unsupported browser to access this website. If you need to edit a record after this time you should contact JLR at the address above. Mercedes Digital Service Booklet (DSB) Key benefits you need to know: Provides an online record of all your vehicles’ service history; The records can be accessed for reference They are intended exclusively as a means of comparison between different vehicle types. The Digital Service Schedule also known as the Digital Service Book will work alongside the traditional service book until May 2017 when the service book (or schedule as its sometimes known) will disappear from the vehicle information wallet completely. Whether a mechanic is able to update digital service records will depend on whether they have access, or can get access to the digital service records. We are Gloucestershire's only independent BMW specialist with a recognised Trade BMW account. Pay the same price with us. It is possible to specify the WLTP figures voluntarily in addition until such time as this is required by law. The new Digital Service Schedule will ensure this important record is kept as accurately and secure as possible. Also, independent garages can’t carry out some warranty repairs unless expressly agreed to by Mercedes-Benz. Your Mazda is protected by an innovative Digital Service Record, which securely logs your vehicle’s service history in a central, secure database. Since 1st September 2017, certain new vehicles are already being type-approved according to the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP), a more realistic test procedure for measuring fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. All new BMWs now have Digital Service History records. The records can be easily accessed for reference and as the record is stored online there is no risk of it being lost. --Terry Gibson Head of Member Services 0 … Experience our vision of mobility and let yourself be inspired. Discover Audi as a brand, company and employer on our international website. myAudi focuses on the user and is compelling thanks to high-performance functions that offer the user real added value. Fuel consumption, combined*: 10.8–6.5 l/100km, Capital Market Compliance & Corporate Governance, Product integrity & environmental protection. AUDI AG is entitled to offer partial deliveries and partial services, provided the deliveries are made in the agreed time and the partial deliveries/services are of interest to the customer. myAudi is your key to the digitally networked world of Audi. myAudi service verification Most motorists are still under the impression that they need to take their audi back to the main dealer for service or repair, otherwise it would affect their warranty. Audi Fault Finding | Diagnostics | Repairs, MK7 Golf GTi Performance Pack & Clubsport, BMW Fault Finding | Diagnostics | Repairs, 2 Series [2014-Present] F22, F23, F45, F46, Mercedes Fault Finding | Diagnostics | Repairs, MINI | Generation 1 | 2001-2006 [R50, R52, R53], MINI | Generation 3 | 2014- present [F55, F56], MINI Fault Finding | Diagnostics | Repairs, Skoda Fault Finding | Diagnostics | Repairs, SEAT Fault Finding | Diagnostics | Repairs, DSG / S-tronic Gearbox Rebuilds and Repairs for VW Audi Group, 0AM DQ200 DSG / S-Tronic Gearbox | Mechatronic Repairs, 0B5 DL501 DSG / S-Tronic Gearbox | Mechatronic Repairs, AUDI DIGITAL SERVICE HISTORY UPDATES AND ONBOARD DISPLAY. It helps independent workshops, vehicle fleets and private individuals to repair and service Audi … After you have entered your vehicle in myAudi, the manual for your Audi model becomes available in digital form. Digital Service Schedule Information regarding the Digital Service Schedule can be found here. This can be achieved by contacting Audi upon successful completion of service records stating the relevant vehicle chassis numbers. We have recently been made aware of a number of changes to Audi Digital Service Records. Click 'Proceed to Customer Details' to confirm. The use of Audi connect services depends on the country and model. As always, please contact us on 0845 305 4230 if you experience any problems - and post a response in this thread if you can add anything to help other Independent Garages using the system. WE'D ALSO LOVE TO HEAR OF ANY OTHER GREMLINS YOU'D LIKE US TO LOOK AT TOO. Let’s imagine you’ve moved house and mislaid your car’s service records. add-on parts, different tyre formats, etc.) You must update the Online Service History on the day you work on the vehicle and provide the customer with a printed record of the work carried out.